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Simplify your Audit, Risk, and Compliance Projects
How do you organize your work? If you relate to the majority of other audit, risk, and compliance teams, your daily reality involves spending too much time in building spreadsheets and working in silos. You lose a lot of time spent on documenting and reviewing, instead of helping your organization meet its objectives while managing risks and doing your best to collaborate across your teams.
There is a solution. Audit, risk and compliance management doesn’t have to be complex or spreadsheet-intensive. With you in mind, we designed ACL GRC, a flexible and easy way to manage the process of assessing risk, planning and organizing projects, analyzing data, communicating issues, and visually sharing your findings. Since ACL GRC is delivered in the cloud, it’s accessible from anywhere, secure, and doesn’t require any ongoing IT support.
Gain Insights into Strategic Risks
ACL GRC helps executives and risk managers track, assess, prioritize, and communicate strategic risks across the leadership team. It provides a straight-forward way to capture and maintain a complete view of risks across the enterprise; track the risks that are most important and plan audit and risk mitigation projects for the greatest impact.
Save Time and Unlock Productivity
Manual processes, using products such as Microsoft Office or Share drives used for audit work, tend to be document and administration heavy. Gain valuable time with ACL GRC by empowering your teams to manage audits, compliance initiatives, enterprise risk and control assessments in one central place, ensuring consistency across all teams.
Turn Analysis into Actionable Results
ACL GRC helps teams work with business stakeholders to close the loop by removing the barriers between data and decision making and turning analysis into action. Integrated with ACL Analytics and ACL Analytics Exchange for in-depth analysis, users are able to manage timely test activities, proactively follow-up and remediate based on identified exceptions, and track outcomes in the cloud.
Illustrate Your Results with Visual Reports
ACL GRC makes it easy to access and probe GRC data to illuminate risks and opportunities needed to support executives and business leaders in improving business performance and avoiding costly oversights. Simply convert multiple GRC data points into reports, dashboards, and metrics and provide a clear interpretation of the findings to executives, audit committees, and other stakeholders.
As Mobile As You Are
If you manage a team, chances are you’re not always in front of your computer. With ACL GRC for iOS and Android, not only is your team connected to the projects allowing to easily capture evidence and execute projects in the field at any time, but you can present real-time reports in the board and executive meetings for immediate insight.
Data analysis doesn’t have to be an arduous, manual task
Internal audit, financial control and compliance professionals are faced with the challenge of reliably achieving objectives while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity. Whether the objective is to provide business assurance, improve controls, or ensure compliance, it will be difficult to draw any credible conclusions to help the business without analyzing the underlying data in detail.However, data analysis specifically for audit, financial control and compliance is easier said than done. The key goal behind the analysis is to identify data discrepancies that need more investigation, this requires more sophisticated capabilities than just summarization and aggregation. Add to this the importance of easily sharing, presenting and distributing analysis results to stakeholders and the search for an effective analysis solution becomes even more challenging.
Ready-to-Use Scripts, Cloud-Enabled Productivity and Innovative Training
This online repository of pre-written analytic tests is a goldmine of knowledge for the data architects on the team. We’ve taken 25 years of ACL best practices and created this valuable library, so that your team can save time and focus more on the results instead of the process.
Results Cloud
Broadcast data analysis accomplishments to stakeholders for increased collaboration, easier investigation and more intuitive interpretation, via beautiful charts and graphs. Results Cloud helps you bring new meaning to data with visualizations.
Access a wide range of online training resources to help increase your product knowledge and domain expertise. The Academy contains both full courses and short learning episodes for targeted, interactive learning at no extra cost.
Maximize business impact and revolutionize your
data analysis approach with ACL Analytics
ACL Analytics is designed to revolutionize data analysis by making it easier and faster to get credible results that can help positively impact the business. With its combined strengths of processing power, purpose-built analytic functionality and high usability, it’s not surprising that ACL Analytics has a dedicated global community of over 14,000 organizations that has been relying on its capabilities for more than 25 years.
Business Benefits
Increase business assurance
With so many disparate data sources in the enterprise, being able to capture relevant transactional data for a complete view of the business is no trivial task. ACL Analytics provides connectivity to a broad range of data sources. From transactional databases, spreadsheets, flat files, business applications ( including SAP ERP and SAP CRM) and more, ACL Analytics’ depth and breadth of connectivity helps ensure complete data coverage for increased business assurance regardless of the disparateness and variety of information sources. The business can also be reassured of the integrity and validity of results as a detailed audit trail of all analysis activities is always being recorded.
Save time and effort with automation
Eliminate manual effort and quickly help achieve significant cost savings by automating data import, export and analysis tasks. Using the industry standard Audit Command Language (ACL) designed by the company founder, scripts can easily and quickly be created to automate repetitive manual tasks. For example, instead of taking 1-4 days to manually reconcile multiple spreadsheets, ACL Analytics can import, combine and test the data using a script that only takes seconds to execute.
Raise executive visibility
Analysis results don’t resonate with upper management unless they’re presented in an executive context. Effectively get the attention of an executive audience by conveying the significance of analysis results through compelling, yet easy to create, data visualizations that provide additional business context, not just transactional data results.
Improve corporate culture for increased collaboration
A siloed corporate culture limits the ability to leverage the collective expertise of the organization. Spreadsheets, documents and e-mail are also not a viable or scalable means of easily sharing thoughts and keeping track of feedback. Break down communication barriers and help nurture a more synergistic culture by easily showcasing analysis results and encouraging collaboration across cross-functional teams with ACL GRC for secure cloud-based sharing.
ACL Analytics Exchange
ACL Analytics Exchange enables organizations to drive actionable results based on real-time data insights helping uncover revenue savings, control weaknesses or potential fraudulent activities, while boosting your team’s productivity by as much as 50%. With Analytics Exchange teams can create consistent and repeatable analytics programs where analysis results are easily visualized into meaningful and easy-to-digest views, and presented to business audiences for proactive resolution.
Save time, collaborate, and share knowledge with one common platform
With a centralized working environment, teams can set up a consistent and repeatable analytics practice that analyzes transactional data and minimizes dependency upon any one individual, thus having less risk of existing work becoming unusable because a team member has left. This approach helps to retain knowledge and maximize resources needed to on-board new users, especially when faced with rotational staff demands.
Users can also formulate thoughts, ideas, and questions related to data analysis more easily – all of which help achieve collaborative team effort rather than a solitary task. Team efficiency is greatly improved as both technical and non-technical users can efficiently access, use, and share test results.
Maximize executive impact with real-time insights
Present your business audiences with a clear view into business risks by delivering a clear picture of issues within the organization so that management can make proactive data-driven decisions. This shortened time-to-action is a critical factor in increasing an organization’s agility.
Increase business assurance
Get a rich visibility into key areas of business by expanding your analytics programs to other business functions. Once an organization is ready to implement more continuous data analytics programs, Analytics Exchange facilitates concurrent, Continuous Controls Monitoring, as well as reviewing and reporting on the results. Having a thorough, ongoing insight into specific areas of existing business risk can assist management with quicker identification and response to red flags, thus reducing the risk of escalation.
How can you apply Controls Monitoring?
Implementing Continuous Controls Monitoring is an effective process for monitoring weak controls for activities such as duplicate payments before they go out the door, but what about some other great applications? For example:
Supplement the integrity of your SOX controls by identifying potential issues with timing, such as purchase orders being created after receipt of invoice
Monitor facility access logs for off-hours, and have managers approve exceptions
Compare all new vendor and customer additions against sanctioned lists, for compliance reasons such as healthcare sanctioned providers or anti-bribery legislation
Reduce the negative impact on the business
Enable rapid response for users to respond to key areas of risk by creating exception records that automatically trigger a request for action(1) by the offenders when a violation has occurred and requesting action for remediation. Not only does it help to reduce the negative impact on the business but helps enforce compliance across the organization.
Enterprise Ready Features
Flexible and scalable architecture
Analytics Exchange is an intuitive web-based interface containing a secure repository of all the source data of analysis projects where a variety of analyses can be performed in a single location. Since it’s server-based, the processing performance is virtually limitless, requiring less time processing large data sets.Whether you have a team of five or need to support a globally distributed team, ACL Analytics Exchange server can easily scale from a single implementation to multiple server systems.
Highly secure
Data is stored and analyzed on the server, eliminating the need for sensitive data to be stored on laptops/personal computers where it can be compromised. Security and user rights to a central repository are managed through Microsoft Active Directory where administrators specify privilege access.
Ease of access
Access analysis results from any web browser and make it accessible for employees based in multiple locations.
Shared library of scripts
Reduce time and effort by creating a shared library of scripts encouraging users to reuse and to avoid duplication of effort and allowing both technical and non-technical users to leverage the strength and value of the analytics. ACL scripts can be conveniently packaged and delivered as one-click analysis applications. Additionally, users can leverage existing analysis through cross-compatibility between ACL Analytics and Analytics Exchange scripts(1). Watch video on how to create a shared library of scripts with ease.
Eliminate manual effort with automation and scheduling
Save time and effort with automation and scheduling and achieve significant cost savings by automating data import, export and analysis tasks. Creating scripts that can be scheduled for off hours or overnight to optimize resources not only requires minimal effort, but results in huge time savings. With its robust analytics engine that is continually enhanced with each product release, the business can be confident that all their scheduled tasks, even those with high data volumes, can run smoothly to completion.(1) Available as bonus features – please speak to your ACL sales representative or ACL partner for more information.
Make auditing and investigation work in Excel fun & easy

Microsoft Excel is an amazingly popular and very useful general-purpose tool. But, as powerful as Excel is, it wasn’t purpose-built for use by professionals such as auditors and compliance investigators. After all, we’ve all made a formula mistake or struggled to maintain an audit trail of work we’ve done in spreadsheets. ACL Add-In for Excel bridges the gap between standard Excel functions and what auditors need to do their jobs. And, it’s free!

Make Auditing and Investigating in Excel more productive

ACL Add-In for Excel instantly makes you more productive and helps eliminate the risks associated with doing auditing work in Excel.
Quickly select samples for testing or investigation
Make information, formulas and cells read only to avoid making errors
Tick-mark to document results and capture sign-offs

Get started learning data analysis techniques using a familiar tool

Learn the full power of ACL’s industry-standard data analysis and continuous monitoring by getting started using the tool you’re most familiar with.
You can learn some of the most powerful techniques without ever leaving Excel.
Summarize and filter data (i.e. journal entries, payments, orders)
Stratify data (i.e. ledgers, payments, statistical samples)
Age data (i.e. receivables, payables, assets)

Instantly grasp the big picture with information profiling

Productivity is all about being able to understand the big picture faster. For every field in your spreadsheet instantly know: the sum, average, standard deviation, range, number of blanks, positives, negatives, etc. without creating a single formula.

Seamlessly integrate your Excel-based work into your broader audit process

Because ACL Add-In for Excel was developed by the leader in software for audit, risk and controls professionals, it’s beautifully integrated with other ACL software products including ACL GRC and ACL Analytics Exchange.
Publish test findings in ACL GRC for automated remediation
Attach spreadsheets directly to audit or investigation steps in your work papers in ACL GRC
Give non-technical professionals access to run complex data analytics
in ACL Analytics Exchange, right from within Excel

The ACL Acerno tab in Excel’s Ribbon is organized to match the typical steps an auditor goes through when investigating data. From data set up to the sharing of results and findings, ACL Acerno supports your needs.

Quickly Set Up Data
Safeguards data so embarrassing and costly mistakes can’t occur.
Automatically format data and view valuable statistics in the Acerno panel.
Run ACL AuditExchange analytics and view the results ACL Acerno.

User-Friendly Data Exploration
Easy commands for Summarize, Age and Stratify to start investigating the results of your data.
Categorize and look for trends in the data in an Acerno table, or an Excel PivotTable or PivotChart.
Easily Work with the Results
Quickly draw a random sample of your entire dataset in just a couple of clicks and perform the sample in the future using the same random seed.
Attach notes to entire rows one at a time or all at once.
Effortlessly Share Results and Findings
Upload findings into ACL Workpapers system in one click.

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